US Police Car Bank Robbery Gangster Chase

Have you ever experienced how difficult US police cop duty? Play US Police Car Bank Robbery Gangster Chase and experience the duty of city cop criminal chase on cop car or real police car in highly disturbed crime city.In this police chase game, get the thrill of modern mafia warfare as you fight a critical strike operation as a policeman and aim to cause destruction as a gangsters in Vegas city.US police with thrilling criminal escape missions involving many crime city chase with real gangster group in crazy city traffic which are instigating panic in Vegas city. In US Police Car Bank Robbery Gangster Chase feel the thrill of hot pursuit with car racing or engaging police car chase involving capturing of city gangsters running away after bank robbery in city bank as traffic cop or police car officer belonging to police force of NYPD city driving force on police car or police moto bike along with police patrol car utilized for monitoring miami crime.Become a member US police force and rescue the innocent people of gangster city form criminals and city robbers.
Game Play
The vegas city is in need of best police officer! As rise from a rookie police officer to a respected police man, enforcer, getaway driver and more in this newest 3D crime game.This gangster chase game fill with a lots of thrilling missions which are fully action packed from taking out all the bad criminals, car chases, shootouts and so much more! Write your own story in US Police Story Gansgter Chase. You have full control in what you can do in this free open world crime simulation game. you have to capture real gangster group which are instigating panic in crime city on cop car or advanced real police car. In this police chase game, get engaged in highly thrilling police car chase or hot pursuit involving bike racing along with realistic police chase missions as professional police officer utilizing special US police force to fight with the gangster and crimianls to demolish their maimi city crash evil plans In this police car game, perform traffic cop or police city cop along patrolling officer driver duty involving police car chase or car racing along capturing of real gangster group or gangster mafia criminals which are carrying out various bank robberies and will try to run away from you by taking speedy turns on city roads. Take out all the criminal activities form maimi crime city, and earn respect of Miami.You can upgrad or buy advanced and big waepons by money which you get from completing the diferent action missions 
Start your rutine job as a best US city police officer and capturing of real gangster group or city gangsters in this city police story 3d. Hunt down every criminal and get them in jail in this police games simulator. So feel the excitement of this police chase game based play with endless enjoymentin this US Police Car Bank Robbery Gangster Chase. Download this police games simulator right now ! 
High quality and stunning police sounds effect.
Epic fun crime story gameplay
Highly engaging vegas city environment based designed levels from police car chase games.
Highly chasing and fighting missions.
Fun and easy to control car driving physics


policepanther.apk 54 MB
Mar 14, 2018

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