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Welcome to the wild animal games and get ready to play new wild white tiger family simulator 2018!! Play the life of a tiger family simulator as wild beast of jungle and hunt animals for your prey in this wild simulator the best tiger game.This is time for battle of angry wild tiger simulator and become the king of the ultimate wild jungle.In this animal world simulator games where you can have all of the wild animals. In this wild white tiger family simulator life is not easy as in city.Explore the the wild and scary jungle survive in the wildness as long as you can. Choose your clan and start battle against wild animals with animal fighting games like tiger vs cheetah, lion vs tiger simulator adventure, jaguar, lioness, rhino, gazelle, elephant and angry tiger attack axis ultimate carnivore Hare, zebra, deer, buffalo and many more animals. In this wild tiger game evolve your tiger to dominate the wild world.
Life Of Ultimate White Tiger 
In this wild tiger simulator you have ultimate tiger family simulator of baby tiger simulator like cheetah family or cougar sim. Dominate the wild animals kingdom as tiger “ Bengal Tiger “ in tiger fighting games. Feel like a real ruler of these lands – wage battle against local fierce animals to show your power! Enjoy angry white tiger family simulator games for tiger beer or wild tiger simulator by angry lion animal hunting in wildlife simulator games. You have maintained your hunger, thirst, health, and energy in tiger fighting games. You are going to survive in jungle in tiger games free!
Strong Enemies to Battle
Use you razor sharp claws and powerful bite to hunt down your prey or fighting with dangerous beasts in this tiger fighting game. The strongest enemy you hunt - the more reward you get. Improve your character speed, attack, health and mana power. Think wisely how to spend your skill points
Riase Up Your Family
Find your mate and raise a family, raise up little kittens or baby tiger and have fun!. Rush in dense forest with your swift speed, chase and hunt the animals like Deer, Zebra, Goat, and ibex to feed to cubs and mate.Your family can help you in combat and hunting. Wild tiger cub must survive by eating goats, rabbit and stag. Give baby tiger cat! or tiger cub a healthy environment in white tiger family simulator games.
Real Hunting Experience
You will exeperince the real hunting in this scary and darkest African jungle with HD Graphics and amazing Sound Effects.Enjoy the tiger game to hunt the realistic animals like Elephant, Rhino, Lion, Giraffe, Cheetah and many more wild animals in tiger adventure game.
It’s time to become the world's most fearless wild tiger and hunt the animals as brutal tiger. Fight as clan of tigers with the help of your mate in most epic adventure. RPG style gameplay Download White Tiger Family Simulator today and hunt your prey like a real white tiger and also raise your true cat family!


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